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UX Design

The most vital aspect of any application is its user experience. Everything that goes in the application is customized including, layout, content, gliding, interactivity etc. Our creative design team will go through a series of experiments and usability testing in the prototype development process.


Proceeding further, our front-end designers will put the UI into a desktop application and mobile responsive program well-suited for all types of systems and smartphones. Usability Testing is the core function that is included in this step.

Information Gathering

We begin each of our projects with a gathering of detailed information and data - what research and sources are accessible, critical dates, objectives etc. We plan a deadline for the submission of all modules.

UI Design

The UI design process is initiated shortly after the completion of the UX phase to design the interface that fits well with the wireframe. We will build a model that fits the aim and aim of your smartphone app by combining photos, artwork, and new architectural components.

Back-End Development

Our back-end developer will integrate the front-end design with databases, third party software inclusion, ensuring a secure backup system.


Our Quality Control and Testing team thoroughly test the applications and each of their components ensuring their functionalities and usability. The application that passes the test gets the green signal for the release.

The Solution

We keep our eye on every application that we design. We make sure that all of our web and mobile applications are running smoothly bug-free. We also offer maintenance and technical support services to ensure the running of your application in full flow.

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As the world moves towards digitization, we at Designing Hills aim to create digital solutions that make user experience effective and efficient.

A responsive mobile app increases:

  • Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • And sales!

Our team of diligent and highly professional developers creates mobile Apps that connect you with customers all across the globe and allow you to reach out to them right at your fingertips!

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